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stir fry & VEGETARIAN


Rice & Stirfry

*sub for fried rice $3 *add meat $4

*add rice or noodles $3 * add vegetables $3

26.  Charbroiled porkchop or grilled beef or                       lemongrass chicken on steamed rice            



27.   stir fry lemongrass beef or chicken or
        shrimp on steamed rice                                    


28.  Charbroiled porkchop, shredded pork,

       sunnyside egg on steamed rice                       



29.  stir fry beef or chicken or shrimp with                         vegetables in oyster sauce on steamed rice 



30.  curry beef or chicken or shrimp with

       vegetables on steamed rice                             



31.  grilled trio skewers:

       1 beef,1 chicken,1 shrimp  on steamed rice 



32.  petite saigon special fried rice                    



33.  stir fry beef or chicken or shrimp with 

       vegetables on crispy or soft egg noodles    




*add tofu $3 *add vegetables $3 *add rice or noodles $3

34.  deep fried vegetarian spring rolls (3)                      


 cabbage, tofu, carrots, onions, glass vermicelli,




carrots, beansprouts, lettuce, vermicelli

35.  vegetarian salad rolls (3)                                 




36.  vegetable noodle soup                                       



your choice of peanut sate, curry, sate beef broth or chicken broth


on vermicelli                                                       



37.  vegetarian deep fried spring rolls                                                     


38.  stir fry tofu with vegetables                       




on your choice of steamed rice or vermicelli


on your choice of crispy or soft egg noodles


40.   stir fry vegetables                                           



*Please advise server of any food allergies

Prices do not include GST

steamed rice


39.  curry tofu with vegetables on

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