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44.  Gluten Friendly pork spring rolls (3)                         


45.  gluten friendly lemon grass chicken, Grilled                  Shrimp, gluten friendly spring rolls ON



Beef Tenderloin Marinated in our home made sauce, Super tender stir fry beef & our sweet sauce fried together in garlic oil, onion and bell peppers. We serve this meal with your choice of pasta noodles, steam rice or crinkle fries.

46.  Bo Luc Lac                               


47.  Bo KHO                             

Is a popular classic Vietnamese beef stew. The key ingredients include: beef (we are using beef shank - braised for 3 hours), carrots, onion, lemongrass and spices (star anise, cinnamon). This dish can be served with a baguette or  rice noodles.



48.  vermicelli with charbroiled pork, shredded port          and spring rolls                    

49.  vermicelli                 


Served with bo la lop (beef bete leaf) spring rolls

50.  vermicelli with shrimp spring rolls             


*Please advise server of any food allergies

Prices do not include GST

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