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bun bowl


Build Your Own Vermicelli/Bun Bowl

*served with beansprouts, lettuce, shredded carrots
*topped off with green onions & roasted peanuts
*fish sauce on the side
|*add spring rolls $3 | *add meat $4 | *add shrimp $4|
| *add vegetables $3 | *add vermicelli $3|

 three items $14.95  

24.  two items $12.95                            

grilled beef
charbroiled pork
lemongrass chicken
grilled shrimp
spring rolls
pork meat balls
shredded pork

 choice to choose from the following below


25.  stir fry on vermicelli                                        



*Please advise server of any food allergies

Prices do not include GST

your choice of sate beef or chicken or shrimp

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